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Trans-Hope International 2006 CS GAME

Source:tianheng  time:2008-03-21

    Nov.11, 2006, our staff of Trans-Hope International Logistics Co. came to the arboretum, which located in the food of Zhan mountain. We hold an interesting outdoor game-------CS game. Everyone of us enjoy ourselves and have a wonderful time together, with happy laugh around us.

    In the begining of game, we were divided to 3 teams according to the rules. It depends on the team work to win the game.

Checking arming:

Helping each other:

Preparing of champion team:

Team A is preparing for start off :

Assault time of Team A:


Best show team--Team C:


Hold captive:

Birthday party on battlefield:

"Waiting for windwalls":

"Girls in war":

" Whole family":

    Although it was a game, we all feel about the spirit of team working, which is like in real office work. Every member should not only do his duty but learn to cooperate with others in team. In this game, everyone should pay more attation to the details to cooperation. And at same time, this game help us learn more about the Team Credit, centripetal force, team-working spirits.

    This game was succusfully over. We believe the spirits of team working, support power, happy time when in game will give all of us a ever and wonderful memory. At last, we will come back into work with full passion, gain more credit for our TH-Logistics.

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